Friday, August 25, 2006

The Trip

These images were taken during a lull of commotion.

The trip was rough. There was a 2 hour delay from take-off because of some security concerns. The flight took off very shakily, and our baggage took 2 hours to arrive.

My flight consisted of about 200 Yeshiva students from all over the States that take a year to study Torah before college. They were very nice and interesting people, but they were so restless - babies crying, minyans (groups of 10) praying, kids running around, and lines at the bathroom like there was no tomorrow. I swear, all that was missing was a few farm animals walking around in the isles and it would've been perfect.

Because of the shaky takeoff and the security situation I couldn't sleep for the duration of the flight. Highlights of the flight were Normandy Nice and Marsailles coasts - they just looked unbelievable with all those lights. The sunrise was a spectacular firey-red inferno on the Greek horizon. Unfortunately, I only took out the camera after the sun rose, once we got to Israel, I had it out and ready to shoot.


Ben Gurion Airport has changed a bit - we used to land in Israel and walk right out of the plane onto a parking lot of sorts - then you'd get into a bus and taxi over to the terminal. This was always fun because there would inevitably be a few people who kissed the ground as soon as they got out. Now there's a new terminal that the airplane just hooks up to. It's less militaristic feeling and it's nice inside, but I liked the old ways.

New Ben Gurion Airport Terminal

Finally, Amos my brother picked me up and took me back to my new place in Jerusalem. The AACI were nice enough to pay for my taxi. On the ride back I remembered how beautiful the road to Jerusalem is. No wonder the world is fighting over this tiny patch of land. I live in a neighborhood called Katamon - it's a beautiful place and the apartment is great. Everyone is very friendly and so far, there's plenty of room for my stuff.

Katamon & Views from the Ride Home


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